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We are followers of Jesus Christ who are striving to love others because God has loved us.  By His grace we have been given the opportunity to share the gospel in the Port Clinton, Catawba Island, and Marblehead areas.  If you have any questions or if you are just wondering who we are and what we do, please do not hesitate to visit or call.  We hope to see and worship God with you soon!

Grace and Peace

  • Jan19Thu

    Are You Willing?

    January 19, 2017

    There are many situations in life where some people are not willing to submit, accept, and stand up for the truth.  Living in Ohio as a Michigan fan is one of those situations.  I try to tell Ohio State fans the truth about how Michigan is a better football team in every way.  It doesn't matter that Michigan hasn’t beaten Ohio State in years, all that matters is the truth that is laid out in front of them.  Simply put, Michigan is better than Ohio State.  

    Before you get all worked up, and stop reading this, remember that this is all in good fun!  In the end, this rivalry and debate is very trivial.  If Michigan wins, I sleep.  If Michigan loses, I still sleep.  It truly has no affect on my life except that it is a good weekly sermon analogy.

  • Jan12Thu

    Here Comes The Great King

    January 12, 2017

    One thing Christians often forget is that the people mentioned in the Bible were real people.  They were real human beings that breathed in the fresh cool air of the morning, that gazed at the setting sun on the horizon, and stood in awe of the shooting stars that flew across the night sky.  They had families, jobs, feelings and desires.  It’s easy to read the Bible and think of them as fictional characters, but we must remember that they were real, just like you and me.  

    Many times when I delve into the Word of God I find myself wondering what it would be like to be in their shoes.  Would I have had the courage to step out of the boat like Peter?  Would I have been as bold and strong as Stephen?  Would I have trusted like Jospeh?  Most recently, I came across two unnamed disciples who were asked to fetch a young donkey for Jesus in Mark 11.  And as I was reading this account, I wondered, would I have had the faith and trust in Jesus like they had?  Fetching a donkey seems like a menial task, but when the Son of God is asking you personally to do something for him, we must remember that it is never menial.

  • Jan5Thu

    With Man It Is Impossible

    January 5, 2017

    There are many verses in the Bible that I like to call “coffee cup verses”.  These verses are the ones that many people memorize without trying.  They are the ones that many people quote without understanding their true context.  They are the verses that people construe to fit their own needs, desires, or comforts.  Yes, these verses are spoken by God himself, but are often deflated to fit the fancy of fallen humanity.  One of the more prevalent “coffee cup verses” is Mark 10:27 which says, “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man it is impossible, but not with God.  For all things are possible with God.’”  This is probably one of the most uplifting and encouraging verses in all of Scripture.  Many people quote it to get them through the mysteries of life, and I don’t blame them.  It is a great reminder that God is God and we are not.  That He is the Creator and we are the created.  But, before you go and get this tattooed in Greek on your shoulder, shouldn't you understand the reason that Jesus said this?  What is Jesus referring to that is impossible for man?  What is he saying that is only possible with God?  The answer is simple: Salvation.

  • Dec15Thu

    What Does Jesus Say?

    December 15, 2016

    “Do it this way, don’t listen to Him” says the little red devil who is perched on your left shoulder.  “Listen to Him, you should do it His way” says the little white angle standing tall on your right shoulder.  We have all seen this depicted in cartoons, and for some reason it resonates with us.  Why?  Why does something as silly as a little devil and a little angel resonate in our minds and hearts.  Whoever came up with this idea was on the right track.  Whether they knew it or not, they were rightfully explaining Galatians 5:16-17.  The desires of the flesh battle with the desires of the Spirit.  If you are a Christ follower this battle rages on a daily basis.  The tide of the culture crashes into our lives trying to create chaos and bring us to our watery graves.  But the Spirit remains faithful and is the safe rock that save us from the tide.  Each day our two natures speak to us.  And each day we must reflect on the question, who are we listening to?  So the question is, do you know what Jesus says and do you listen to him?  Or do you listen to the culture and jump into the tide that will lead to unfruitfulness and ineffectiveness in this world?

Upcoming Events

Kids of Grace - January 18, 2017 - 6:30 p.m.
Kids of Grace is for students in K-5th grade.  They meet every Wednesday from 6:30-7:45 p.m. where they will play fun games, sing songs, hear riveting bible lessons, and make crafts.  If you have any questions please call the church office.  

Fourth Soil Ministry - January 18, 2017 - 6:30 p.m.
Fourth Soil Ministry is for students in 6-12th grade.  They meet every Wednesday from 6:30-7:45 p.m. where they will lead the games and songs for Kids of Grace and then will have their own bible study with Pastor Ryan.  If you have any questions please call the church office. 

Men's Breakfast - January 21, 2017 - 8:30 a.m.
All men are invited to join us for our Men's breakfast at 8:30 a.m.  We are working through "33 The Series" which is a study focused on building up and maturing men in their faith.   All men are responsible to bring their favorite breakfast item to pass!

Quarterly Business Meeting - January 22, 2017 - 6:00 p.m.
Please join us for our quarterly business meeting as we review where we have been and lay out where we are going!  

Doctrine for Life - January 29, 2017 - 6:00 p.m.
Join us every Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. to study "Knowing God" by J.I. Packer.  This study will challenge us to know God more which will deepen your love for Him.

Primetimers - February 9, 2017 - 6:00 p.m.
This ministry is dedicated to those who are 50+ years old.   We meet every second Thursday of each month to have have fellowship with one another.  Come and enjoy dinner and studying the Word of God!

Soup Cook-Off - February 10, 2017 - 6:00 p.m.
Join us for our second annual soup cook-off.  This is a great night where you can come try all the soups that are entered and vote for your favorite.  This is completely free and it is a great opportunity to invite your friends and family!

Service Times


9:30 a.m. - Adult Sunday School
10:30 a.m. - Worship Service
10:30 a.m. - Children's Church - Dismissed during Service

6:00 p.m. - Doctrine for life - "Knowing God"

6:00 p.m. - Prayer Meeting

6:30 p.m. - Kids of Grace (K-5 grades)
6:30 p.m. - Fourth Soil Ministry (6-12 grades)